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UPVC and Aluminium Doors


We supply and install lock cylinders, lock cases and multi point locking rails for UPVC and aluminium doors. There are a large variety of multi-point UPVC lock rails made by various manufacturers. In the event of one becoming faulty we can supply a replacement. Many of the multi-point UPVC door locks originally fitted to these doors provide poor security with only roller cams on the top and bottom of the rail. These are designed to compress the door with the rubber gasket to provide a weather tight seal and not as a locking point. We can upgrade your UPVC door security with a multi-point lock with either hook bolts or dead bolts or shoot pins.

Many householders are unaware that on many UPVC door locks that lifting the handle on the inside without locking it with the key also, means that it is unlocked from the outside! Your existing UPVC door lock can be changed from one which it is necessary to use the key to lock it from the inside to a night latch version which automatically locks when the door is closed avoiding a situation when forgetting to lock your door allows a child to leave the house unnoticed or worse still allows an unwelcome visitor in !

Additional security against forced entry can be provided by the addition of secondary locks such as a sash jammer which fixes directly to the UPVC door frame to the metal reinforcement inside by self tapping screws.

We also supply and install handles, letter plates and window handles in various colours.

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