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We supply and install a large range of both types of these locks from various manufacturers .

Digital mechanical or 'pushbutton' locks are available for all types of doors including, wood, aluminium and steel allowing access on entering the correct code and operating the knob. Codes can be changed quickly and easily to deny access to previous code-holders, ex-employees etc. A handle on the inside of the door allows egress at all times. The code chosen can be between 4-6 digits. Suitable for both internal / external use and from medium to high traffic they have the advantage of no lost / stolen keys and a compromised code can easily be changed.

Battery operated digital locks are a standalone access system operating without the need for mains power or untidy cabling. They use a battery which can have a life of between 40,000-500,000 cycles depending on the model and with a key override facility. They can allow multiple user codes , once off codes ( tradesmen / visitors ) and egress is available at all times via internal handle. Do not hesitate to call or e-mail with any queries.



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